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I tend to be a fun loving person while she is more on the straight and narrow. In the morning she is grouchy while I tend to be happy.When she gets over burdened with a lot of things to do she also becomes very irritable and moody while I tend to take the positive "we can do this" attitude.If we cant work out something that is fair to both of us when you get into one of your moods I will physically stay away from you until youre back to normal.If it continues, Ill leave you permanently."She is saying you dont care so she can manipulate you into allowing her to abuse you.If you let them get a way with it once, it will continue forever. Then one day youll wake up and say, "What happened? So the question isnt, "What can I do about her mood swings" because you cant do anything.Rather, the question is, "How do I get her to stop abusing me when she gets into one of her moods? Love, trust, communication, sex and affection are really meaningless without respect because all youll get is abused on a regular or an irregular basis. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the successful person will try to help the other person work out their problem, but not allow them to take it out on them.Sometimes I think we are at opposite ends of the spectrum with regard to our personality but when everything passes were happily in love and have some what of a healthy relationship.I have tried leaving her alone when she gets in these moods only to be accused of ignoring her and not caring.

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One of the major contributing factors to these swings in our relationship is the differences in our moods.And a Taker can't give because then, by definition, he or she is no longer a Taker. Then one day I had the good fortune of meeting a woman who was very successful with men.